“This program has everything I need to help push me to the top! It’s very organized, professional and well equipped with the staff and technology that I need to serve my patients. I’m grateful to have pod mentors, co-residents, and specialists available to learn from and encourage me along the way. This has been the best move for me in terms of putting myself in an atmosphere to grow and become a better dentist. I have all the support I need as I transition from dental school to my career.”

Mersedes Sweeney, DDS, 2019 Residency Class

“PCHC was a good stepping stone for me after school. I found the culture perfect for learning general dentistry due to its size, its organization, and its people. The instructors are not only gifted clinicians, but also excellent teachers. Every day I had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and learn a new procedure or try a new technique, always with the knowledge that I could reach out for a helping hand. The staff trusted me, and I felt I received the appropriate amount of clinical supervision. I was pushed to reach out and learn the prospective of others. By discussing treatments with co-residents, associates, and specialists, I not only gained dental knowledge, but also an overall philosophy for caring for my patients. By the end of the program, I knew what kind of dentist I wanted be. PCHC has allowed me to enjoy my career.”

Michael Cabral, DDS, 2017 Residency Class

“My one year general practice residency at PCHC has allowed me to grow both as a practitioner and a person. The variety of procedures and the experience gained have been, and will continue to be, extremely beneficial. The attending faculty are fantastic teachers; their vast knowledge and willingness to help are unmatched by anything I have experienced thus far in my education. I have learned so much about patient and schedule management, both of which are necessities for any dental professional. I cannot think of a better way to have spent my first year out of dental school.”

Nikhil Mallick, DDS, 2013 Residency Class

“The PCHC residency has been wonderful. The clinical exposure we’ve gained goes above and beyond what I expected, the specialists we work with are phenomenal teachers, and the faculty and staff are unbelievably supportive. I’m confident my experiences this year will stay with me throughout my dental career.”

Megan Ryan, DMD, 2011 Residency Class

“My 12 month residency was the most influential experience of my professional career the scope of the curriculum and the care provided was more rewarding than I expected. These experiences will undoubtedly continue to influence how I practice dentistry.”

Jeremy Jones, DMD, PCHC GPR Faculty, PCHC Staff Dentist and Alumnus 2010 Residency Class

“The program is well balanced in most aspects – teaching, work load, clinic, and evaluation. It is friendly and diverse. Its locale and the community it serves bring a wide array of clinical situations that are ideal for learning and for training well rounded professionals.”

“I found the fact that the residency cares for the underserved, but does it in such a well-equipped and modern dental center, very appealing.”

“The comprehensive clinical rotation and didactic schedules provide opportunities to develop your expertise as a well-rounded dentist while giving you the flexibility to pursue personal interests within subspecialty fields.”

“I think you’ll find the family atmosphere and collegiality that exists among faculty and residents unique and refreshing. While you can read about academic specifics, you can’t read about our social events which have included: trips to the Acadia National Park, Sugarloaf, the Maine Winter Sport Center, and UMaine Hockey games; resident wine and appetizer nights, holiday parties; as well as organized cycling rides, fishing trips, snowmobile excursions, and camping trips that we’ve done together.”

“With ideal faculty to resident ratios, supportive and dynamic faculty, and exposure to just about every aspect in the field of dentistry.”

“I came to PCHC’s General Practice Residency because of of the strong, energetic and enthusiastic faculty, and because I had an immediate sense of acceptance and familiarity when I interviewed.”

“This program is enriched with patient diversity. I have treated patients from every conceivable demographic stratification and have greatly expanded my personal and professional horizons as a result. If diversity is an important criterion for residency selection, PCHC’s GPR has it.”


PCHC's twelve-month residency is specifically focused on increasing the clinical knowledge, skills, and experience of new family nurse practitioners, providing them with a positive transitional experience from school to practice, and an opportunity to fine-tune skills under the guidance of an experienced mentor.


This health center is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b, and a deemed Public Health Service employer under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n). PCHC is a FTCA Deemed Facility.